My name is Jack

Cafe with Shabella & Lilian

I do a lot of things for work, my favourite ones being writing and directing. But I also edit, act, produce, and do camera. I occasionally cater the sets I work on too, just for kicks. I always have fun being the cinematographer of a film, even though I usually get someone else (like Osheen) to shoot my own fictions to keep my focus on the actors. I also think he’s far better than me, which is why eventually I’d like to stick to the writing/directing angle. That said, right now I am shooting a feature film for Phaz Entertainment, directed by Phad Mutumba. I edited his and Xena Bantarizah’s first feature, the award winning My Policy (Chairman’s Award at the Zanzibar International Film Festival), and this time I am taking on a lot more responsibility.

Girlfriends chatting after dinner

Phad is making films for the (very) low budget African market, centered in Nollywood, although Phad himself hails from Uganda. Nollywood films have a fairly low production value as a result of some of the features are actually made in as little as a week, which to any other standards would be considered insanity. We’re trying to go a number of steps past that though, and make this something special. It takes a lot more time than a week (more like 10 weekends), but so far the movie is looking really great.

I am very involved in this film. I am the screenwriter too – having rewritten a draft Phad and Xena wrote based on their original concept. Add to that I will be editing – so that’s three roles in one movie, which is why I call myself a Jack of All Trades.

Shabella played by Whitsa Jean

We’re only about a third of the way into the production of this movie, and so far I am really happy with the images  we are capturing. The talent is superb and Phad’s doing a great job getting them ready for some really difficult scenes (did I mention that this is a movie about a musical act?). In any case, considering we only have a handful of lights, and roughly 1-2 other person(s) other than myself working behind the scenes, I am happy with what we’re doing.  More on this film as we move along with the production…