Editing Making the Band

I’ve been editing the feature fiction “Making the Band” for Ugandan-Canadian filmmaker Phad Mutumba over the last couple of weeks, since we wrapped shooting. It’s a very tight schedule so we can get it out to festivals, which is a lot stressful, but the film looks great. It had better be, since I shot it…

Still doesn’t stop me from internally yelling at the DP for shaking the camera at the most inopportune moment, or not framing in a better way. But considering he had only a few lights and usually only 1 other person helping him with the equipment, not bad at all.

Here are a few stills from the shoot, enjoy.

Whitsa Jean as Shabella

Phad Mutumba as Deanno and Adam Reider as the as yet unnamed guitar player

Kim Nelson as Annitah and Shant Sarkissian as Zack in Making the Band

Whitsa Jean as Shabella

Mizinga Mwinga as Aydee and Helen Koya as Lillian from Making the Band