James Hoffman recently finished his short film “Things Worse”, which I acted in and produced. We had a cast / crew / friend screening at Montreal Improv last week to watch that and a few other shorts (The Audience & Encounter Abroad by David Eng, Only Sky and Water by Tamara Scherbak, Once Upon a Many Time by Eva Cvijanovic, Where the Heart Is by Adam Reider, and Cry Baby by Gabi Kislat & Emory Murchison) and it was a fantastic show. We also played a few of the music videos James and I have worked on over the years, as well as a number of others by some very talented friends.

I don’t think we do this enough actually – it is so rare that (film & video) friends get together to watch each other’s work. It’s a shame, and I was thinking that perhaps we should make it more of a habit to get together to socialize and watch the things that we toil so long on but so few of us get a chance to see. Film festivals are great and all, but sometimes I just want to see a few films by people I know rather than strangers (regardless of how good they may be).


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