Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Program

I was recently accepted into this program, run by the Writer’s Guild of Canada. The program will be guided by mentors that will help me develop the script and bible to my television drama series “Welcome to Trinidad” for the week I am there, and then for the following three months. The series has been in development over the last  year, and actually was what brought me to Barbados in March 2011 for the Caribbean Tales Symposium and Film Festival. The seminars in Bridgetown helped me develop the base idea, which is I am sure a reason why I was able to get noticed by the Bell Media program. Big thanks to Caribbean Tales and the  workshop leaders for that!

A great deal of the work I have been writing lately has had a Trinidadian or Caribbean connection, including my short film Mr. Crab, which will be playing in a film festival in Toronto just before I participate in the Screenwriters Program (more information on that in the next posting).  The rich culture of the region is unfortunately unrepresented on our screens, and I hope to be part of a wave that changes that.

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And here’s a synopsis my  series in development:

Welcome to Trinidad is a 1-hour television drama-thriller series following a family at war with itself, as the secrets a father left behind in the old country are uncovered by his two sons. Long forgotten horrors return to terrorize the brothers and before long threaten the entire family.

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