CBC Short Film Face Off broadcast soon!

Mr. Crab will be featured on the CBC Short Film Face Off this Saturday the 23rd of June at 7 pm (Quebec-BC), 8 pm (Atlantic Provinces) including an interview with the director Faisal Lutchmedial. Actor Ryan Singh is also made it out to Halifax, and got a chance to talk about his experience working with Faisal and the rest of the cast and crew. The short film was chosen out of entries from across Canada, and being invited is quite an honour. The estimated audience of the 2011 edition of the Face Off was around a million, so that’s a lot of people who are going to get the chance to see our movie.

Tune in and watch all the films (the first episode of the show is Saturday the 16th of June, also at 8 pm), and support short films being seen – and give the CBC a good reason to continue programming this kind of work in prime time!

You’ll also get the chance to watch the films on the show’s website after each episode, and after the last episode on the 30th, you can vote for your favourite finalist (one film is picked from each episode by the studio audience). We won’t tell you who the finalists were (suspense!) but will say that it’s all worth watching because these are truly some of the finest Canadian short films you’ll have the pleasure of seeing this year.



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