Faisal Lutchmedial

Faisal Lutchmedial is a writer-director whose work has explored the themes of identity, the immigrant experience, and loss. His short film “Useless Things” (2009) sensitively portrayed a second generation immigrant’s disconnection from his late parent’s culture, and won the WGC English Script Prize at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal. His latest short “Beneath Us” (2022) is a suspenseful thriller that follows an undocumented woman desperate to keep her child from being caught by immigration. This short continues with themes Lutchmedial worked with in his feature “My Cultural Divide” (2006), and short “Garment Girl” (2008), both documentaries which followed workers and discussed the ethics behind globalized labour. Other films Lutchmedial directed include the Caribbean themed “Mr. Crab” (2012), about a young boy afraid and fascinated by his Trinidadian father’s stories of home, and “Going Through the Motions” (2007), a doc-fiction hybrid about a father and son connecting over old photographs and cricket. Lutchmedial is currently in preproduction for the Toronto & Ontario Arts Council and funded short “Indian Bride” to be shot in Trinidad & Tobago first half of 2023. He is also attached to direct to the feature “Pink City Skies”, written by Jagjiwan Sohal, and produced by YN Films.

As a screenwriter Faisal most recently wrote on Endlings (CBC / Hulu) and Ransom (CBS / Global). He is an alum of the CFC / Netflix Accelerator, the TIFF Writers Studio, the WarnerMedia Access x Canadian Academy Writers Program, and a winner of the WGC Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Program. 

To reach Faisal you can email info (*at symbol*) lutchmedial.ca.