Mr. Crab

The Gondry-esque Mr. Crab follows Rishi, a ten year old boy that idolizes and fears his imposing father, who tells him stories about the crystal clear waters of Trinidad & Tobago. An explosive temper keeps the child at a distance, but he soaks in every word, and dives into his vivid fantasies of beautiful tropical fish deep in the ocean.

John Threlfall of CVV Magazine called Mr. Crab “a delightfully insightful bit of filmmaking…”

“Buoyed by its brevity, in just eight minutes Mr. Crab explores the complex relationship between a 10-year-old and his father, where fear and hero worship realistically interweave with vivid moments of childish (and child-like) imagination as the boy tries to translate his father’s tales of growing up in Trinidad & Tobago with his own decidedly urban surroundings.” (for full review

The short was supported by Conseil des arts et des lettres Quebec, and assisted by GreenGround Productions through their SeaChange grant.


Vian Persad as Rishi,  Ryan Singh as Gobin, and Omila Persad as Sandy


Written, Produced and Directed by Faisal Lutchmedial

Produced by David Eng & Katarina Soukup

Original Music Jawad Chaaban    Production Design Zahra Peal    Cinematography Osheen Harruthoonyan   Stop-Motion Animation Eva Cvijanovic

Watch the trailer here: