Path of Light Facebook hits 3000

Jaisalmer is one of the beautiful locations Path of Light will be filmed in.

The launch of the Path of Light Facebook page has been a fantastic success, with now over 3000 members who will get regular updates on our film, and get to see some interesting posts on Indian architecture, travel, and history.

The feature film, to be directed by Faisal Lutchmedial and produced by Catbird Productions (producer Katarina Soukup) and Green Dragon Productions, will be shot in India and Canada. The reason why we’re focusing on Indian tourism is because the two main characters are both foreigners – one has an Indian heritage, and the other is an outsider drawn in by the country’s history. We’re especially interested in discussing how tourism has changed the landscape of the country, and spread Indian philosophy worldwide. As we get closer to production we’ll be sharing behind the scenes videos, cast interviews, and featurettes on the tourist sites we’ll see in the movie.

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