Watch Short Film Face Off online

The Short Film Face Off was great – but in the end the audience chose another fantastic film to move forward in the competition. Best of luck to Kyle and Hop the Twig in the final! It’s disappointing, but the consolation is that Mr. Crab got to be seen by a huge prime time audience – something almost unheard of for short films.

I didn’t agree with some of the panel criticisms, but that was to be expected – there are many ways you can look at a film, and every jury, panel, and audience member is going to take it differently. I was asked after the taping if there was anything I would do to change the film now that I’ve heard their thoughts, and my answer was “absolutely nothing.” Mr. Crab is a great film that I am proud of, and is as close to my original vision as I have ever been able to make a film to this point. For anyone who has ever made a film, you know how rare that is.

To watch the whole show, which includes Mr. Crab, Hop the Twig, and The Letter, follow this link:

You can also watch the films separately, and a “director’s cut” of the interviews with the directors (some nice tidbits they didn’t put in the longer show) here:

By the way, we have another few film festival announcements coming up for Mr. Crab, one which looks to be the European Premiere. More on that in a future posting.



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